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Pray for Pope John Paul II
New Springtime
"A new missionary age will arise, a new springtime for the Church" (Homily, May 11, 1991).
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By Ted Papa
John Lennon and St. John the Evangelist have more in common than just a name.

Saints and singers agree: life is definitely all about love. But what is love all about? Ted Papa finds the answers of music and movies from the past inadequate on this question, and turns to Vatican Council II to discover the true meaning of love. More

By Christine Creech
Founder of Opus Dei and message of lay sanctity remembered in chapel in Washington, D.C.

By Bishop John Elya
A Kipling poem provides an inspiring image for hopes of union between East and West in the Church.

By Michael Clark
Renewing and living baptismal promises is at the heart of this new “way” in the Church.

By Michael Clark
A movement that embodies the Universal Call to Holiness

Opus Dei, the “Work of God,” or more simply known as “the Work,” was founded by Blessed Josemaria Escriva of Spain. The aims of the movement coalesce perfectly with the “Universal Call to Holiness” articulated at Vatican Council II: every Christian is called to holiness, regardless of vocation, station in life, or occupation. The worldwide movement provides spiritual, educational and pastoral care for members, while offering a spirituality that seeks to sanctify every duty and activity of daily life. More

Message to Lisbon meeting on "Men and Religions"

Believes "Dominus Iesus" declaration is misunderstood.

By Christoph Cardinal Schönborn
Full Eucharistic communion will be the crowning event of the churches' efforts for unity.

“Ecclesial movements, inspired by a desire to live the Gospel more intensively and to announce it to others, have always been manifest in the midst of the People of God. … In our day and particularly during recent decades, new movements have appeared that are more independent of the structures and style of the religious life than in the past" (John Paul II, Directives on Formation in Religious Institutes, n. 92). More

By Ted Papa
At the beginning of the third Christian millennium, the human race stands poised between two “paths”: the progressive deterioration of “postmodernism ” and the “New Springtime” of grace proclaimed by Pope John Paul II and the Catholic Church. Ted Papa offers reflections on the New Springtime of grace and the pivotal moment in history that we can sense, even as we live through it. The bi-weekly column, to be entitled “On Being Human,” begins with a thoughtful comparison of humanity’s predicament with the nursery rhyme we heard as children. More

By Michael Clark
The Cursillo Movement, begun in Spain in the 1940’s, is perhaps the most widely participated in of today’s “ecclesial movements.” A precursor to the Charismatic Renewal, Cursillo begins with an intense three-day spiritual retreat, the purpose of which is a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. Upon completing the retreat, the “fourth day” begins—living the rest of one’s life by the power of the Gospel. More

By Deacon Loris Sinanian
Young Catholics are confirming Pope John Paul II's claim that "the future belongs to the youth."

Despite some appearances to the contrary, one can detect a groundswell of love for Christ and the Church among today's young people. In spite of, and perhaps because of, occurrences such as Littleton, CO, and Conyers, GA, there is a joy, a strength, a hope and a love in today's young Catholics that lends credence to the Pope's claim the "the future belongs to the youth." Recent conferences in Steubenville, Atlanta and Denver are shining examples of young people's eagerness to turn more deeply to Christ, and to love one another: here's some ways adults can help them fulfill these desires. More

By Katrina J. Zeno
Retreat ministries for women in Canada and the U.S. meet a hunger shared by women in both countries.

By Michael Clark
A new Bible from Saint Mary’s Press is reaching a huge number of young believers.

By Michael Clark
The vision that gave birth to the Legionaries of Christ took root in the heart of Father Marcial Maciel during the dark days of the Mexican Revolution. Father Maciel gave his priestly testimony at the Jubilee for Priests in June, lending precious insight into the movement, its founding, and its founder. Both the Legionaries and its associated lay movement, Regnum Christi, seek to spread Christ’s message and his Kingdom on earth. More

By Michael Clark
Opus Dei is helping Catholic lay people find a deeper relationship with Christ in everyday life.

By Katrina J. Zeno
Celebration of the Jubilee Day for Women prompts reflection on women and the New Evangelization.

By Katrina J. Zeno
A lunchtime Charismatic prayer meeting overflows in Port of Spain's central business district.

By Michael Clark
Every activity of daily life can be a means to glorifying God, and becoming holy.


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