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Pray for Pope John Paul II
The Call to Holiness
"You, therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect!" (Matthew 5:48)
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Crucifixion, Andrej Rublev, Moscow
By Deacon Keith A. Fournier
A dying priest’s grace-filled acceptance of suffering teaches a stream of lessons.

When I learned that Fr. Philip Bebie was dying of cancer, the only way I could truly honor our friendship was to catch a plane to visit him. And what a visit! What lessons I learned as I accompanied this saint during his final journey, conversing with him, weeping with him, staying with him… I had hoped to offer him some comfort, but the real gift was for me—lessons about suffering, forgiveness, hope, life—and ultimately about God himself. More

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By Harold Burke-Sivers
You can be a missionary … right in your own workplace.

By Deacon Keith A. Fournier
The restored diaconate will play a key role in the New Springtime of the Third Christian Millennium.

The restoration of the ancient order of the diaconate on the eve of the Third Christian Millennium is no accident—deacons will play a vital role in the transformation of the Church and the world that will mark the “New Springtime” proclaimed by Pope John Paul II. Deacons should be encouraged in the role given them by Christ Himself—and strengthen themselves for that role by learning to abide in Christ, the Savior of the world. More

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By The Monks of New Melleray Abbey
For the Christian monk, Jesus is the origin, medium, and end of monastic life, indeed, all of life.

By Katrina J. Zeno
Practical thinking about how to keep the Lord's Day holy … and some good reasons for doing it


By Ted Papa

By Bert Ghezzi
Read about the bishop with the “golden mouth” … and beautifully Christian heart.

John Chrysostom was an outstanding speaker by any standard, gifted by God with a remarkable ability to teach and inspire those who heard him. He gave this gift back to God completely, using his abilities to bring about reform, help the poor, and preach a Christian message of hope in the boundless mercy of God. More

By Bert Ghezzi
Read about a priest who was a real radical extremist…in Christian charity.

Saint Peter Claver was an ordinary man in some ways—he was sometimes repulsed by the physical problems and diseases of the slaves he treated. But he was anything but ordinary in dealing with his own feelings of repulsion. At a time when much of the world would not make any effort at all to help these slaves, Peter put himself through anything and everything in order to reach out to them and give them the respect and care which the world denied to them. More

By Christoph Cardinal Schönborn
The Liturgy, the “work of God,” is central to the Church's life and mission.

The liturgy, celebrated from earliest times in the Church’s life, is “the summit towards which all the Church’s activity is directed.” No ordinary event in the Church’s life, the liturgy is the commemoration, initiated and indeed celebrated by Christ himself, of His saving death and resurrection. More


By Deacon Keith A. Fournier

By Bert Ghezzi
If Augustine could convert and become a saint, anyone can!

By Brian Diehm
Human work participates in God's ongoing creation, and leads to holiness in the world.

By Bert Ghezzi
The Pope who saved Rome … and called himself a servant.


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