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Starwire Financial Partners
In December of 2001, Renewal Enterprises acquired Starwire. Renewal Enterprises has a history of providing managed software solutions for numerous organizations. Starwire’s key technology partners include Oracle, Vignette, and Akamai.

Latest News - Renewal Enterprises acquires Starwire

Technology Infrastructure
Starwire has established relationships with key companies.

Starwire understands the complexities and the Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of infrastructure. After careful evaluation and significant investment, Starwire has established relationships with several leading companies to guarantee that the highest quality software services are available to its clients. Subscribing organizations benefit from a secure, efficient network infrastructure that is managed around the clock to ensure optimized content delivery into dynamically driven Web sites.

Starwire’s software services incorporate best of breed solutions from such brands as Microsoft®, Sun®, Red Hat™, Dell®, and Oracle®. We have chosen leading vendors such as Akamai™to ensure superior performance of content delivery.

Starwire’s scalable network architecture is built upon layers of security and the combined strengths of additional solutions. Starwire uses Cisco®, Pix and Nokia® to provide leading-edge security and protection against intrusion. F5® provides local and wide-area load balancing with redundancy. MCI Worldcom® provides secure, co-location hosting facilities for Starwire’s managed infrastructure.

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