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Job Descriptions

Contributions Coordinator

General Responsibilities

The Contributions Coordinator will work directly with the Staff Accountant to ensure that the financial records of the church are maintained in a timely and accurate fashion. This individual will be responsible for the maintenance of the church’s membership database, which will involve recording contributions and any deposits received.


• Input all envelope contributions from each Sunday worship service;
• Reconcile the envelope contributions with the monies collected from each Sunday service;
• Enter all auxiliary deposits received and deposited on Sundays;
• Prepare and maintain records of individual contributions,
• Provide updated reports of envelope numbers to Trustee Board,
• Prepare and distribute yearly contribution statements.


• Data entry experience required
• Attention to detail
• General knowledge of church financial systems
• Experience with PowerChurch, desired.

Other Information:

The Contributions Coordinator will be hired as a contractor at a rate of pay to be determined. The position will require 15 – 20 hours per week, and will report to the Business Manager upon hiring of that position. Prior to that point, the individual will report to the Chair of the Trustee Board.

Staff Accountant

General Responsibilities:
Working directly with the Contributions Coordinator and the Church’s CPA, the Staff Accountant will be the key in ensuring that the records of the church are accurate. This individual will act as the liaison in all financial matters of the church.
The Staff Accountant has two very important roles:

First, he/she is responsible to the church for the management of the church's funds, ensuring that the money is spent in accordance with the approved budget.

Secondly, he/she has to report formally to the tax and other authorities, to ensure that the church obeys all its legal responsibilities.

Description of Duties:

• Report payroll weekly,
• Monitor and pay all operational bills and expenses on a timely basis,
• Monitor all love offerings for employees to properly determine and report appropriate
• tax deductions,
• Process monthly stipend checks,
• Process check requests for all auxiliary accounts,
• Review all transactions processed during the month to verify the correct accounts were properly charged,
• Prepare journal entries for payroll taxes, interest earned, returned checks, reimbursements for returned checks, bank fees for all bank accounts, and any transfers between accounts in accordance with GAAP,
• Reconcile monthly bank statements,
• Generate monthly reporting package for distribution to Business Manager, Trustee Chair and Church CPA
• Prepare quarterly account activity reports for all auxiliaries,
• Prepare quarterly financial statements for distribution to Deacon Board,
• Prepare yearly proposed budget with Treasurer and Business Manager.
• Prepare 1099 tax forms as required by the IRS and distribute employee W-2s,
• Ensure that all transactions during the year contain supporting documentation, and assist with annual audit.
• Keep church leadership informed of any trends or changes in financial matters.


• A Bachelor’s degree in accounting with 5 to 7 years experience in a business or nonprofit setting;
• Ability to communicate well with others;
• Excellent organizational and writing skills;
• Self-starter with the ability to work independently
• Advanced skills in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint are strongly preferred.
• Prior experience with PowerChurch, a plus.

Other Information:

The Staff Accountant will be hired as a contractor at a rate to be determined based on experience. The position will require 20-25 hours per week, and will report to the Business Manager upon hiring of that position. Prior to that point, the individual will report to the Church CPA.

Business Manager:

The Business Manager (BM) serves the church by providing administrative leadership, organizational direction, and encouragement to staff and volunteers in the operations of the church. The BM will also develop and implement policies and procedures as they relate to accounting, administration, facilities, information technology, and general business systems for the church.

General Description:

This position is a supervisory position with responsibility for overseeing the daily operations of the church office and support staff. The individual is responsible for general oversight of Staff Management & Development, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Project and Vendor Management. It is part time contract position requiring approximately 25 hours per week. Actual work hours will be determined by the needs of the position. The BM will be expected to work closely with the Pastor, Leadership Team and staff to fulfill the job responsibilities.

Description of Duties:

Supervise, support, review, evaluate and recommend hiring, termination and compensation for all assigned support staff. Create and maintain appropriate personnel records for all church staff. Implement and manager personnel policies and recommend needed changes. Encourage teamwork and mutual support. Provide leadership, training and career development for assigned staff members.

Maintain church facilities, vehicles, and equipment to ensure appropriate level of productivity. This includes usage, repair, upkeep, purchasing, custodial, security, insurance and service contracts. Work closely with volunteer and vendors to provide the most cost effective maintenance and support for facilities.

Maintain church information technology systems with the assistance of IT volunteers, and when necessary vendors.

Proactively anticipate church needs for facilities, equipment, and staff support, and implement strategies to meet those needs. Team with the Pastors, staff, and members of leadership to advance the mission and vision of this faith community. Assist Staff Accountant and Treasurer in preparing annual budget recommendations for daily operation support, to include purchase or lease of new equipment, supplies, and upkeep of facilities and equipment.

Supervise the production and distribution of all internal and external communications, including printed materials, multimedia support, advertising, and maintenance of the church web site.

The BM is responsible for ensuring that insurance policies are up to date and that premiums are paid in timely manner. The BM is encouraged to advise the Trustees if and when policy modifications should be considered or when changes requested by the provider and received and whether such changes may have a significant impact on the budget or in apparent risk to the church. The BM is the plan administrator for health insurance and other employee benefits, if any.

The BM shall provide suggestions and guidance regarding church operating policy. The BM is strongly encouraged to provide creative proposals as applicable to church fiscal, physical, and operational practices specifically in the areas of benefits, retirement planning, and other pertinent business practices and policies. The BM shall attend Finance and Trustees meeting as required or necessary. He/she should have a close working relationship with the committee or organization leaders.

Reporting Relationships:

The individual reports directly to the Pastor and has a strong working relationship with the Leadership Team, Associate Pastor, and lay ministry leaders.

Supervision of Others:

The following personnel will report directly to the Business Manager:

Full Time Administrative Assistant
Custodial Staff
Staff Accountant
Contributions Coordinator


The individual we seek will have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in Business Administration of relevant area. We require a minimum of 5 years of experience in a business or not-for-profit setting with at least 3 of those years in staff management. Experience in planning, organizing, hiring, and developing staff, as well as with financial systems. Knowledge office systems, as well as advanced skills with MS Word and Excel are a must. Knowledge of networking and website administration is a plus.


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